Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Family in the Philippines


Hello Everyone,
today i  woke up in the morning......
My breakfast: cheese cake and hot milk.
I  heard this song:  cry - Rihanna
I  looked at my cellphone and i  checked my messages.My cousin Jonathan from the philippines sent me a message today. He said to me that he will send me new pictures from him and from my cousin Cristel and also from my uncle Joe. 
i can't wait to see the new pictures. :) I  will show you the Pictures very soon.
 My Mommy and I  we help our family in the philippines. Someday, i  hope... i  can visit my family in the philippines.
I was only in the Philippines when i  was a little girl ( 3 years old ). I  would like to see my family again. I  was only 3 years old. We couldn't go back to the philippines again. :(  I  love Anime and my cousin Jonathan loves Anime too. :) I  love to sing and my cousin Cristel  loves to sing too. :) We have the same hobbies.Last night i  had a dream, that i  was in the philippines with my Mommy and   we ate pancit  with our family together. But then i  woke up and it was only just a dream. :( But someday i  hope  i  can visit my family in the philippines again.I  can show you some old Pictures,but i will show you new Pictures very soon.

Cristel Crystal Tagulao

 My cousin Cristel. I  love you.

 In the Philippines we say Mahal kita

 Mahal kita = I  love you.

Jonathan Tagulao my Cousin Jonathan. I  love you.

I have a big family in the philippines, i  have too many  cousins and  uncles and aunties... :)

I  wish you all a nice Week

Big hugs Bunny :)

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