Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Food/Outfit of the Day Philippines

Hello Everyone,
I'm a half filipina girl ! I  wanna show you some of my favorite Food from the Philippines. I hope you like it.I  also wanna show you my Outfit of the Day

Have a nice Day

here is my favorite make up Store Kiko : http://www.kikocosmetics.com/

My Pink Lipgloss :
Kiko Lipgloss Extra Volume , Number 21,

My blue Mascara:
Kiko Super Colour Mascara 02

Eyetech Look Eyeshadow (blue) Number 112

I got my Outfit from a Costume Shop. I dont know it anymore, how much it was. But it was cheap and it looks nice.

I  Love Pancit, and Halo Halo and so on.....

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