Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Dream House (Movie)

Hello Everyone,
i watched the Movie " Dream House" on Tuesday.
This Movie is very sad. Will Atenton/Peter Ward is a loving  father and a great  husband.His wife Libby and his two daughters were brutally murdered in their home.But in his mind,however his  family are still there and everything is fine. He still sees the ghosts of his family.
 You can see in this Movie: Peter Ward really  loves his Family so much.TRUE LOVE! It hurts so bad that Peter's family is dead.
There is still a mystery of who killed Peter's family.
The neighbor Ann helps Peter and he discovers that a man named Boyce broke into the house and shot Peter's family. and so on..........
The End is also very  sad with the burning house.Because He says to his Wife : i don't wanna lose you.Libby says: Leave this House to save yourself.
Peter says: Goodbye and kiss his Wife and his Daughters. :( ( mhmm ..CRY )
Dream House is one of my favorite Movies now.I will watch this Movie next time again.
You should also watch this Movie!! :)
I cried to this sad Movie.My Mother  loves the Movie  "Dream House" too.

Some say that all houses have memories!
I think its true, because if you  move to a another house, you still have the memories of the last  house in your mind.  Memories will always stay.
But it is sad that memories can not come back in reality again. :(
..... and  It’s so hard to go back to a place that’s filled with beautiful & sad  memories and people you never wanted to let go of.

Maybe ....I'm thinking to write a Song about this Movie.

Big hugs Roxy

                               Peter with his wife and his daughters...

                                 Peter with his wife.


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